Project Background

In response to national’s advocacy on clean use of coal, an energy company in Shandong purchased 4 sets of MTW European Grinding Mills (secondary phase) for coal powder preparation from ZENITH. Through atomization of micro-coal, the coal will be supplied to industrial boilers as fuel. The use of coal powder can increase the combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency of boilers greatly and bring economic profits as much as hundreds of millions yuan. Undoubtedly, this is the model of efficient and clean use of coal.

Project Advantages

This coal powder preparation project took the EPC service. It covers each stage of the project and brings great convenience to our customer.

ZENITH’s MTW European Grinding Mill adopts unique split-type shovel blade. Its use effectively enlarges the working area and further improves the production efficiency.

A project management team was established to supervise the progress of the whole project. By coordinating local resources, the project production was smooth.

To make the operation easier, we specially used the unique two-step method which can separates the drying process from powder preparation process.

Customer Evaluation

This clean coal powder preparation production line was large and the requirement on quality of coal powder was quite strict, so we were very careful when we chose the machine manufacturers. After various inspections and analysis, we chose ZENITH. From the site survey to the commissioning, ZENITH offered us professional solutions and services. The 4 mills we purchased are running stably and the yielding is beyond our expectations.

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Customer Cases

India 30TPH Limestone Grinding Line

Input Size:Below 12mm
Output Size:74μm (200mesh) D90

Vietnam 15TPH Coal Grinding Line

Application: Supplied for local lime kilns

Mexico 5TPH Clay Grinding Line

Location:Sinaloa, Mexico
Output Size:250-325mesh

Belgium 5TPH Limestone Grinding Line

Output Size:150mesh D90

Thailand 8TPH Dolomite Grinding Line

Output Size:100mesh (D90), 325mesh (D10)

15TPH Coal Grinding Line

Location:Zhejiang, China
Input Size: 0-35mm
Output Size:250-325mesh

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