Annual 5 Million Tons Manufactured Sand Making Project

Brief Information

Key Equipment

Highlight of ZENITH Design

  • 3 Kinds of End Products

    The project can provide 3 kinds of aggregates with different sizes. The plant adopts advanced wet production technology of “3 sections & 1 closed circuit”. The fineness modulus is adjustable.

  • Eco-friendly Production

    The whole process is closed, and the production water is recycled, so as to achieve zero pollution and zero emission.

  • Intelligent Control

    The plant adopts advanced DCS central control system. Logistics and inventory management adopts the one-card loading system and ERP system to achieve more efficient production and higher output.

Customer Background

The sand and gravel industry plays a crucial role in the construction sector, providing raw materials for roads, bridges, buildings, and other infrastructure. The establishment of this aggregates industry was driven by the large demand for sand and gravel in the market.

Customer Feedback

We have known ZENITH for a long time and been impressed by their professional service and advice. After comparisons among multiple crusher manufacturers, we found ZENITH’s crushers are competitive on quality, and the prices are quite reasonable. After visiting their work site, we were satisfied with the performance of ZENITH’s crushers. ZENITH is really a good choice.

ZENITH in the World

ZENITH is the leading manufacturer of crushers and grinding mills in China for over 30 years with almost 180 countries’ sales coverage.

ZENITH has more than 30 overseas branches around the world which can offer customers timely services. So far, ZENITH has offered over 8000 customer companies professional project services, and many of them are industrial giants such as TATA, LAFARGE GROUP, CEMEX and so on.

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