Zambia 200TPH Granite Crushing Plant

Brief Information

Key Equipment

Highlight of ZENITH Design

  • Lower Investment Costs

    ZENITH's K Portable Crusher has gorgeous value holding capability. Users can sell it after their own projects are finished. Indirectly, it is a good way to reduce costs.

  • Strong Adaptability

    The K Portable Crushing Plant is excellent enough to work under any severe environment.

  • Simple Operation and Maintenance

    It is easy for local workers to operate and maintain the portable crushing plants.

Customer Background

After president election in 2015, the new president Mr.Edgar C.Lungu pushed out a new infrastructure policy to satisfy market need for transport, traffic, housing, economic development and employment. So, the whole market needed more aggregates to pave roads, to build houses, and to update the old traffic system.

Customer Feedback

Since operation, our granite crushing production line has been stable. The finished products are popular though the prices are higher. Apart from the equipment, we truly appreciate ZENITH’s service. All of our confusions got quick and satisfying responses. Thanks.

ZENITH in South Africa

ZENITH is the leading manufacturer of crushers and grinding mills in China for over 30 years with almost 180 countries’ sales coverage.

ZENITH’s branch office in South Africa is located in Johannesburg Eastgate Area, which was established in 2017.

Until now, ZENITH has sold more than 20 crushing and grinding plants in South Part of Africa. Based on high-end manufacturing processes and a sound after-sales service and spare parts supplier network, ZENITH can provide our customers with customized and professional crushing production plants and equipment.

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