Jinqiao Culture and Art Festival Closes Zenith Comes Back with Honor

Time: 2015-08-20

On August 8, the 2nd Jinqiao Culture and Art Festival closed. Zenith representatives, depending on excellent performance, have gained six awards, including Prize for the Best Organization, the Third Prize of photography contest, the Third Prize of vocal music contest, and the Excellence Award of dance contest.

As the platform for employees of various enterprises and public institutions in Jinqiao Economic Development Zone to show their talents, the Culture and Art Festival has dance, instrument, vocal music, recitation, traditional Chinese opera, photography, calligraphy and painting, poetry and other programs. This time, a total of 10 Zenith representatives took part in the festival, overcame all difficulties in the way, and in the end, programs of Zenith, At Least Having You, Thousands of Words, and Benediction respectively won the Third Prize and Excellence Award of vocal music contest; The Boys won the Excellence Award of dance contest; and the photography work, Lotus Leaves Standing over the Water in the Wind, won the Third Prize of photography contest.

Community activities build a platform for employees to show their talents, and enrich their spare time life. Zenith encourages its employees to take active part in community activities, and positively implement the work-life balance.