Launch of Vow by Employees in Zenith in 2015

Time: 2015-03-11

The vow of Zenith was strongly launched on February 30th, 2015. All the members from the board of directors, directors, board of supervisors, and joint management committee from Zenith and the employees in all system centers gathered together and vowed the strongest voice in the beginning of 2015.

In the beginning, the employees from the sales system, production system and administration system staged on the platform and vowed the oath in 2015:

The year for 2015 is a year from complication to simplicity, from contingency to necessity, and from severity to more severity. Facing the new goals and pursuit, we have great confidence in 2015!


The objective of the production system is seeking increasing perfection, constant improvement, deepening the quality control, sincere service, reform and aggression, reducing the procurement cost, and management standardization. The road forward is far and full of hardship, so let’s make efforts!

Strategy layout, implement the development plan; product research and development, refresh the technical strength; enterprise culture, all things are from value. Facing the new challenges, the administration system will give the most consolidated support to the group from strategy to skill and from the general layout to details.


All employees working in Zenith were singing Absolute Devotion to Country which expressed the ambition of employees by this powerful song. Various performances were on display after the vow, including barbecue, banquet, buffet reception and fireworks ceremony. The excellent games and lotteries winning reached a climax.

The prospect is dim in 2015 and it is bound to have a changing market in this year. Consequently, employees working with Zenith are ready to cope with the difficulties. We will focus on the three core competitive, i.e. culture, talent and mechanism, and benefit our users and employees from the core value of brand and products.