Zenith Conveyed Greetings to Babies Born in the Year of the Horse and Sheep

Time: 2015-02-05

In the beginning of 2015, Zenith conveyed the well-prepared greetings and gifts to workers who gave birth to babies in the year of the horse and mother-to-be in the year of sheep to wish good luck for the mother and babies as well.

It’s reported the gift is a music shelf for babies used for early education to help them in developing intelligence in a better way. Many mothers or mother-to-be were surprised at the gifts and expressed the babies quite like the greeting gifts last year.


Beside the basic salary welfare, Zenith is committed to caring for the special staff in the company. Apart from mothers who gave birth to babies in the year, the salesmen not working in the headquarters, installation engineers, workers who will be working in the company during Chinese lunar New Year and drivers also received special greetings and gifts to appreciate the continuous efforts they are contributing.