After a Continuous Follow-up for Two and a Half Years, Zenith Products Are Exported to Nigeria Again

Time: 2014-06-25

 Recently, Zenith Shanghai received a big order worth nearly 10 million Yuan. After communicating and negotiating with the customer for two and a half years, Joy was finally favored by the customer.

As for the two-and-a-half-year follow-up, Joy said the greatest difficulty in the negotiation process lies in this: “as the customer’s progress was difficult to predict and there were many changes in their project, sometimes we would lose contact with each other midway, and we had to be ready for a long-term follow-up.” Hard work pays off. When everything was ready for the project, the customer signed the contract with Zenith immediately.

According to the reporter, since 2011 when she entered the company, Joy did not get off work until 9:00 pm almost every day. About her voluntariness to work overtime, Joy said to the reporter, “the driving force of my hard work is my sense of responsibility for my work and customers and my expectation for myself. When I get the recognition and trust from my customers, all the hard work I have done previously is replaced by my joy. ”