Excellent as her male colleagues by gaining popularity through sincere service

Time: 2014-03-19

Leading Zenith International Trade Center by a nearly 5 million monthly personal sales in February, Susan was interviewed by the author.

This customer of Susan is from East Africa. It is said that it took more than one year from the first time of communication to the final signing of order, during which time, Susan has worked together with the East Africa office of Zenith to win this customer among a number of peer enterprises by brand advantages and professional product services.

Regarding the successful experience in negotiation, Susan expressed that you have to show the most professional side of you to the customers and pay attention to their real appeals and potential demands. “Confronting the fierce market competition, you must be convinced that you can provide the best equipment and service for your customers and your confidence will influence their decisions.” In addition to her outstanding expertise, Susan, as one of the gold salespersons of Zenith, is the most recognized employee of the customers and has received iPhone, cosmetics, chocolate and other gifts from different customers in succession.