Zenith Happy Gathering on the Lantern Festival, Brings You to a Traditional Chinese Experience

Time: 2014-03-04

The annual activity for Lantern Festival appeared on the stage at the headquarters of Zenith decorated with lanterns and colored hangings on the eve of the Lantern Festival. Over two hundred employees coming from each department of Zenith who lingered around the collection of riddles finally were happy to draw all kinds of prizes.

On that night, a lot of employees were attracted by the 120 riddles covering allegorical sayings, crossword puzzles, idioms and brain twists as well as the red packets with hidden gifts.

It was introduced by the director of Zenith Corporate Culture Communication Department that the one who guessed right of over 2 riddles during this activity would have one lottery opportunity. “We also invited three calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting lovers in Zenith to paint and write blessings with traditional cultural deposits on site, which will send blessings to the participators.”