Autumn Sports Meeting Named “Joy &Struggle” Was Held At Zenith Zhuqiao Production Base

Time: 2013-12-25

 On last Saturday, the Autumn Sports Meeting held by ZENITH ended at the Zhuqiao production base. And it lasted for six days and more than 150 staffs attended the meeting. The games of the meeting were dived two parts—individual competition and team competition, including basketball, billiards, ping-pong, bicycle, dart, etc. For staffs had few chance to practice the bicycle and dart, they brought a great many funny things.

“In this activity, we found many Dark-Horse. They made the games much more interesting and broke the linking phenomenon.” The HR manager of production system described, “Sports meeting is one part of our culture activities. It is good for helping our colleagues find the funny of sports, enjoy sports and strengthen their physique.”

The manager ZENITH Zhuqiao production base, Mr.Zhang, said:”ZENITH have more than 300000 square meters production base. As a result, more and more people join us and the team construction must be strengthened. At present, we mainly adopt making growth plan, training and holding many activities and some other methods to help our mates form the concept –‘Enjoy your work and enjoy your life.’. I do hope they can work happily everyday.”


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