Approved Brand-ZENITH

Time: 2013-11-26

Recently, Bingo from ZENITH signed a large order with one Thailand customer, who would like to build one gold mining line. What’s the interest is that the negotiation time is less than one month. The project is so large, but the negotiation time is so short, it sets up a record.

“I did be surprised when I got the customer’s phone call. As you know, I didn’t know him at all before that. Actually, it is a curious coincidence. When this customer visited one production line built by my old customer, he is quite satisfied with that line and the machines. Meanwhile, he would like to invest one gold mining line, so he consulted my old customer and got my phone number.”Bingo expounded the negotiation process and he also expressed “One perfect production line can offer the most compelling evidence. That’s why our customers quickly prefer cooperating with ZENITH after visiting our customers’ line.”

In the face of the sluggish market, Bingo said:“It is rules of development, it is the normal phenomenon. It is one challenge, but it is also one chance. During this period, we can pay more attention to improve our enterprise strength. It is what we do now. As a matter of fact, ZENITH has been working hard and try our best to service customers better. So we are always favored by customers.”