ZENITHSucceed In 114th Canton Fair

Time: 2013-11-13

The first phase of 114th Canton Fair ended on 2013/10/19. During the five days of the phase 1, ZENITH signed 50 contractors with customers and the sale is about 40 millions RMB.

At the end of this fair, Jianjun, Liu, the press spokesman of Canton Fair, expressed: “the exhibitors and visitors remain stable and the number of foreign purchasing agent from 212 countries has been to 189646. According to our statistic figure, the attendance reduced 6.5% compared with 113th Canton Fair, increased 0.1% than the 112th. In this fair, the volume of business has been to 194.61 billions RMB, it deceased 10.9% than the last fair, decreased 3% than the 112th. Both the session-on-session data and year-on-year data decreased, it proven that the world economy recovery is quite uncertain and unstable. It does be a challenge to Chinese export. ”

Though the world economy is slowly recovering, ZENITH still got a lot. Manager Zhang, the person in charge of ZENITH exhibition team, said that the Canton Fair well proved the influence &advantages of ZENITH brand. He also predicated the industry economy in 2014—“Although the economy of developed countries is turn good, the emerging market countries economy grow slowly. Also the customer differentiation is becoming serious. So we plan to adjust our market strategy in the next year and we will more focus on developing our technology and products, which can greatly improve our competitiveness.”

Talking about the highlights of ZENITH exhibition booth, Manager Zhang answered:“The highlights is our team. Because of our lively team and our professional products, customers are attracted by ZENITH. It is the charm of ZENITH.”


ZENITH Team In 114TH Canton Fair