"Made In Zenith" Issue 2: Based on the industry, we give you the experiences of the team's spirit

Time: 2013-10-15

 Following the first revision and publication of 2012, Zenith's branded periodical "Made In ZENITH" will have it second release in September 2013.

The second issue of "Made In ZENITH" is still bilingual in Chinese and English, this first print is the Chinese version. Compared to the "introduce the team to our customer" perspective of the first issue, this issue of "Made In ZENITH" is more focused on the construction machinery industry on a global level, and when in the predicament, how can Zenith and other Chinese enterprises meet the challenge and seize opportunities. The periodical has analyzed and interpreted the following topics: trade environment and trends of 2013, Zenith events of 2012, innovation measures and accomplishments of Zenith so far in 2013.

Meanwhile, this second issue also covered branded activities, social views and management theories of Zenithers. Firmly depended on ourselves, with the whole industry in mind, people of Zenith will fight the current, go on providing clients with excellent services and products, while building a comprehensive Zenith team.

It is said that the English version of "Made In ZENITH" Issue 2 will also launch soon, please stay tuned.