Our future, coming with you

Time: 2010-09-08

On July 26th, our company held the 2010 welcoming celebration for our new staff. Our company Chairman and other managers also attended this celebration, which brought us much more happiness and surprise.
      At the beginning, a fashion model show broke the silence. Those beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen were eye-catching. They dressed creatively and stylishly, giving this celebration a shining start.
      After the fabulous opening dance "Step up", we enjoyed several heart-stirring choruses and romantic solo singing, such as, "The military",  "Nation", "Arise",  "You don't miss water", "The price of love", and "Echoes of the Rainbow", etc.
       The performances were various. Impressing dance "Poker face", tai chi, pantomime, drama, comic dialogue, and sign language presented us a perfect combination of traditional Chinese and western culture.
      To our amazement, our company Chairman finally gave us a DISCO dance. His cool dressing style and dancing gesture received great applause and hurrah. There was no doubt that our Chairman would have even more fans after this wonderful performance.
      At the end, we had a lottery draw. Our company provided so many useful prizes, for instance, hair dryers, hard disks, and a bicycle.
      The celebration was successfully complete. Thanks for the help of staff from related departments. We offered our best confirm and encouragement to all of you.