The 2011 Annual Work Plan Conference of Shanghai ZENITH R&D and Production System have successfu

Time: 2011-03-02

On February 27, the Shanghai ZENITH R&D and Production System 2011 Annual Work Plan Conference was held in the head quarters assembly hall. Group chairman, company management committee members and the principals of all departments from R&D and Production System and Marketing System attended the conference.
The conference reach determination on Group new product’s R&D direction and progress, order of production, market delivery flow, quality control and other issues one by one.
Shanghai ZENITH always grasps the faith that the innovation is the source power of enterprise rapid growth, and in 2011 will still take technical research and development as the emphasis in next phase. Besides insisting the “energy conservation and environmental protection" idea, the research and development team will fully consider customers' use feelings to ensure new products have easier feasibility, stronger stability and higher production. In order to guarantee the R&D duty completing effectively, the company will also reform the original evaluation mechanism of R&D team.
The conference optimized the order and flow of products manufacturing and market delivery simultaneously.
Consider of quality control, company decided to promotion the original departments, and released a series of plans to strengthen the controlling force various aspects.
President Yang said: “All our staff should conscientiously raise the quality awareness, when the quality conflicts with cost, output and so on, the products quality should get more consideration forever." The resolution formulated in Shanghai ZENITH production R&D system 2011 Annual work plan conference involved four categories and 58 issues, Each resolution are determined the related personnel. The resolution will be formally implement in March1, 2011.