ZENITH Cultural Documentary: Information shared voice from the world

Time: 2011-03-03

" ladies and Gentlemen, morning! This is “Morning news ", I am the host of the show Justin ... ..." hearing this, you must think that is morning news broadcast on CCTV program. In actual fact, this is ZENITH colleagues sharing news and information.
"... ... This spring was exceptionally warm, in our bodies, in our hearts, and also in our lives:" The State Council today discussed a tax threshold, widely predicted to 3 thousand dollars. "... ... as the fact that tax threshold raised, we can keep more money to spend, so we turn on our computer, click the mouse, we choose "taobao" website in stead of the traditional way of shopping, however it is said that:" The United States put Baidu and Taobao in the list of global notoriety of the market "... ..."
The ZENITH" Morning news" is all-inclusive. According to ZENITH’S press officer Charles, since last November, they started sharing the morning spontaneously, to the present has been carried out more than 50 periods. Content ranged from country’s political economy to daily diet, the festivals and customs of the market area were often included.
Talking about the impact of such acts, Asia in Trade Centre, said: "Although it is just a very short period of time, through it we are able to promptly and effectively capture the latest international developments. This is very important to our international sales. Sales can not only on the product but also more understanding of customers and their needs. By this we not only be closer to each other, also more timely understand what’s happening to our client’s right now, sometimes it multiplies the effect to the communication. "