Shanghai Zenith intimately concern about the Yunnan earthquake

Time: 2011-03-16

At 12:58, March 10, 2011, Ms5.8 earthquakes occurred in Yunnan Yingjiang, focal depth is about 10 km. According to CCTV’s report, untill16:00 there were 16 people killed and 140 people injured in the earthquake. After 10 minutes, 3 aftershocks happened, with the magnitude of 4.7, 4.5 and 3.6. In the evening of March 10, the State Council Working Group quickly arrived at Yingjiang to treat the injured, rehabilitate and the victims and help the people relocated. Several rescue forces rushed to Yingjiang at night, and disaster relief funds and materials arrived.

Sudden earthquake of Yingjiang had become the hot topic of NPC deputies and CPPCC members of the last few days. At 9:00 on March 12, the Yunnan delegation made reports at both houses of Beijing National People’s Congress Centre. As the suggestion of the host, before the meeting, more than 100 people attended all stood up and mourned 1 minute, to grieve the dead in Yunnan,and Japan earthquake.
Chen Jianmin, chief of State Seismological Bureau said in an interview, the State Seismological Bureau has submitted the proposal of setting earthquake early warning system to the National Development and Reform Commission on the "five-second" period. As conditions, early warning systems at this stage can only about the important projects. However, the special earthquake reduction program had been into national planning of "second Five-Year" Plan draft.

"Earthquake prevention concept must be changed; it can not stay in the emergency considerations, but also to be included in long-term planning." Vice Chairman of CPPCC Sichuan Provincial Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation intellectual leader Chen Jie expressed, in the end of last year, Sichuan province had passed "the development and revitalization plan of Wenchuan Earthquake (2010-2020)." And the earthquake in Yunnan Province and Japan reminds us that we are still faceing a heavy task, and there is long way to go to prevente, mitigate disaster in all aspects.
When disaster struck, help came from all sides. Shanghai Zenith Mining and Construction Limited lend a helping hand immediately In the Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake and we also concerned about the dynamics of earthquakes in Yunnan. Shanghai Zenith chairman, said we will try to meet the Government’s arrangements, " eager to provide all the assistance we could provide."