Zenith production meeting makes the communication more fast and effective

Time: 2011-04-17

Wednesday, April 6,zenith morning production meeting was held in industrial park. AS customary .the meeting was auspices of Industrial Park Manager, present member include production、quality、technology、procurement、storage and other production management systems. They communicated the Production Status and exist Problems in industrial park, and Discussed solutions and implemented those responsible person.
it is reported that,morning production meeting was held about one and a half year ago. It held at 8:30-9:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. During one hour meeting ,Person in charge of the production system of each module communicated the exist problems in the recent. From Adjustment of production plan、Production site management system to Equipment maintenance condition、Transportation and storage of spare part、Lack of materials warning、Promote the use of fixture、Quality problems occur in the production process etc,all these problems solutions which involved in the production are the issues that needed to discussed in morning meeting.
For 6 April morning meeting as an example,Ten resolutions was produced ,which involved with Equipment maintenance、materials placed norms、lack of materials warning And other aspects , also provided the treating method of every problems and deadline.
Since the morning meeting institution held more than one year , under the limplementation of The related leaders ,it is become a every Effective platform for information sharing of product system ,also It is a edge tool to solve the industrial park probelms efficiency and Enhance the production management level.