Shanghai Zenith Zhuqiao Industry Park Fifth Fun Games concluded successfully

Time: 2011-06-22

15th ,June,2011, In Shanghai zenith zhuqiao industry park, The fifth fun sports meeting was Officially kicked off. Park leaders and employee representatives from other factory Attended the games.
This games include five individual projects like table tennis, billiards, Chinese chess, Dart board, Slow bike ride and four team projects like back clip ball, catch up ball, table tennis relay, blinding portray.

After a week of struggling to "grapple", through preliminary contest, quarter-final, semifinal and finals. Finally, the staff from Production Systems Technology department and workshop got the champion of table tennis and billiards; Machining staff got the champion of Chinese chess; production office and machining staff got he champion of dart board and slow bike ride. baiting workshop embrace the vitality and strength, they got three team projects champion of catch up ball, back clip ball and table tennis relay. quality testing, logistics and physical distribution department to equal each other in blinding portray.
The game come to the end in an atmosphere of joy and harmony. Staffs in industry park said:" Busy stocking orders really bring high pressure to us, but the held of fun games, not only making us relax in busy work, but also let our team to be more cohesive. We are full of confidence for the future.