Lecture on Documents Held Successfully with the Host of Expectant Mother

Time: 2011-09-29

On September 14, 2011, Shanghai ZENITH International Trade Center invited Chunhua Yang, one of the senior staffs of Call Center, especially to hold a lecture about export declaration and foreign trade-related documents for all new employees.
Since the entry of new employees, all departments of ZENITH have held a variety of training programs, but this training is different. Because the lecturer of this training is an Expectant mother. Yang was also very pleased with the invitation, and prepared carefully for this lecture, hoping that the new employees become familiar with the flow of trade, and serve for customers more smoothly in the future.

During the training, Yang described the respective information of customs declaration, customs clearance and special documents which is needed by particular countries in detail. Among these, Yang highlighted the main content and notes in customs clearance´╝îsuch as the transport document, commercial invoice, packing list, etc. For declarations, bills of lading, CCPIT certificate and other documents, Yang also attached some instances to facilitate new colleagues to get an intuitive understanding and grasp quickly.
The training is designed to allow sale staffs master the customs procedures, familiar with common documents, avoid causing losses to the company and customers for unfamiliar with business processes . At the same time, it is also helpful to increase the clout to negotiate with customers and solve customers' problems on-site by understanding the customs procedures.
"Beautiful voice, detailed lesson, excited explanation, all of these are the characteristics of teacher Yang. I was very moved by Mrs. Yang that she still come to instruct us even she was pregnant! Her classes let me aware that the creation of company value, is a accumulation of countless silence contribution! ", says the new employees, World Trade Center.