Catwalk in workplace, enhance the image

Time: 2011-11-30

Shanghai Zenith "The first professional image competition" was held in the World Trade Center of ZENITH headquarters in November 21, 2011. All new employees have appeared on the stage to enjoy the show in front of the judges.

Trim suits, elegant look, with a strong pace, new employees either a girl coupled with a boy, or single play the leading role, showing every detail of cooperating with the customer’s business with the most standard gesture to everybody. The audience cheers and applause from time to time, several visiting customers also frequently picked up the camera, catching the most professional image of ZENITH people.

Since entry in July, these new employees have experienced military training, professional quality training and professional skills training, and now they are emerging on various positions. We believe in the further integration of energetic and professional, Shanghai Zenith will burst out of more innovative and more competitive in the road of developing mining machinery.