Making Business A Kind of Life - Forging an Exclusive Business Cultural Feast in ZENITH

Time: 2012-12-17

On December 6, 2012, ZENITH topic season on bauma China with a theme of "contributing to the global civilization" arrived at North America Station, namely International Dance Training - "making business a kind of life". For dynamic ZENITH team, efficiency and profession are their characteristics, which are indispensable for high quality life.

In the wake of occupation styles competition on 2011, "making business a kind of life" is another business tide that being raised in ZENITH.


Best partners and graceful dance


The sponsor of this training invited external professional teachers to guide trainees on junior, middle and senior stage of international dance. Enthusiasm of trainees remained high, and one really can release himself or herself through these courses. Apart from setting up a professional and standard business image, the international dance training also brings staffs an experience of quality life.

In addition, all trainees will need to attend an evaluate test on international dance after all the training courses. Sponsor also prepared graduation certificates and gifts to the qualified trainees.

"Making business a kind of life" invites you to dance with us, together forging an exclusive business cultural feast in ZENITH!


Poster for International Dance Training - "Making business a kind of life"