Advice and supervision Innovation and Action - ZENITH Insists on its Market-oriented principle

Time: 2013-03-01

At the beginning of the new year, ZENITH has kept its sales steady. All relevant work are under way. Meanwhile, manager meeting which should be held once a week has officially launched.

In February 25, 2013, ZENITH’s manager meeting was first held as scheduled after the Lunar New Year. In this meeting, innovation became the main topic.Talent cultivation, innovation and practice, and measurements how to implement innovation are the key research direction in the discussion.Many managers shared his or her opinion on it.


Market-oriented supervision mechanism promote innovation

In 2013, ZENITH will devote itself to making business management better, to improving supervision system, and to making the management more effective. Also, ZENITH will make efforts to create a team which is full of though, and which has innovative ability, wonderful work spirit, as well as strong executive force.


Vigor in 2013