International Women's Day - Mysterious Blessing for ZENITH Women

Time: 2013-03-10

In March 8,2013, when it is International Women’s Day, greetings are conveyed to ladies all over the world in a different way. ZENITH, who always pays lots of attention to employee’s well-being, held various activities to express its blessing for women.


Business Makeup Seminar

In March 7th, ZENITH hosted a business makeup seminar, which is tailored for white-collar ladies in the multi-function hall. The seminar contain four parts, including skin care, makeup, model performance and hair types.

During the seminar, the professional make-up lecturer made her discussion with ladies on how to take care of your skin, how to identify skin, and how to makeup according to different faces. Some ladies was invited to be the models to show how to makeup properly, while others consulted with lecturer according to their own situation.

At the same time, gifts such as masks and make-up tools were offered to all participants.



Ladies in ZENITH



On the day of the festival, all male colleagues in ZENITH are in uniform dress, and carefully prepared beautiful gifts and flowers for ladies, to express their love and blessings.


Gifts for ladies/we are so happy


Happy Mom ZENITH also extends its wishes to the happy mom who is in a maternity leave, Lady Zhaojing. Wish both Mom and little baby happy forever!


Little baby