Sand Crusher Plant for Sale

Time: 2018-08-29

Sand Crusher Plant for Sale

Range of models available to suit any capacity in tertiary or quaternary applications. Sand and aggregate are the most commonly used construdction minerals. They are widely distributed with a range of potential sources and, while a low cost product, are used in very large quantiites.

Processing of sand and gravel for concrete aggregate consists of washing and scrubbing to remove clay, spearation of the sand fraction, grading the gravel into different sizes, sand classification and dewatering, and crushing of oversize gravel to produce smaller more saleable materials. Crushing is now a common feature at many sand and gravel opertions.

Zenith provides complete range of manufactured sand crusher plant for sale, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine,  cone crusher etc. The manufactured sand crushing machine can be equipped with sand screening plant, washing machine and drying plant.

VSI Crusher for Sand Making

The VSI sand making machine is unique due to its crushing process. Whereas most other types of crusher use metallic parts to crush rock, the sand making machine is working by rock-on-rock technology, uses the rock fed into the machine to crush itself. This autogenous crushing process produces the best-shaped aggregate on the market today.

The high velocity impact crushing achieved in a VSI crusher improves the soundness and shape of stone, reducing product moisture and easing the screening task while producing superior products at a minimum cost. VSI crusher is excellent choice for sand making appliation. It produce high quality manufactured sand and aggregates.

Sand Crusher Plant Features

  • 1. Accepts sticky feeds.
  • 2. Competitive capital cost, especially when compared with conventional crushing equipment.
  • 3. Low service and maintenance requirements along with minimum operating and wear costs.
  • 4. Rock-on-rock technology minimises wear part requirements.
  • 5. Quick and easy installation.
  • 6. Range of models available to suit any capacity in tertiary or quaternary applications.