Ultrafine Powder Making Equipment

Time: 2018-08-23

For many industries, such as domestic, natural sized powder cannot meet the production requirement. At this time, we need to adopt ultrafine powder for better effect. For ultrafine powder production, we need ultrafine powder grinding mill.

Ultrafine Powder Making Equipment

For ultrafine powder making, Zenith provides XZM ultrafine mill, MTM130X series strengthened ultrafine mill and LUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill for the customers to choose. In the following part, we mainly introduce these 3 different types of ultrafine powder making equipment from fineness and moisture content.


The fineness of XZM ultrafine mill can be adjusted between 325-2500 mesh according to the requirements of customers. The fineness of MTM130X ultrafine mill can be adjusted from 200-400mesh and the fineness of LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill can be adjusted between 400-650mesh. There are many different models with different specifications in these 3 types. Different models are suitable for different production conditions and have different prices.

Moisture Content

Here, the moisture content refers to the highest moisture content of raw materials that can be fed into the ultrafine powder making equipment. Generally, XZM series and MTM130X series ultrafine mill can deal with various types of raw materials with moisture content below 6%, and LUM ultrafine mill can deal with raw materials with moisture content below 3%. But if the moisture content of the raw material is higher than the mentioned value, it is also ok. We can set a dryer to dry the raw materials before grinding.