Ball Mill Flexible Transmission Device

Time: 2019-05-24

Ball mill is a kind of common heavy machinery. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction and other industries, especially in non-ferrous metallurgy factories, but also a kind of important equipment for raw material processing. Ball mill not only has never lack an important role in production, and to have great influence to every manufacturer production and benefit.. So has been heavily promoted by the various manufacturers.

1.At present the existing problems in domestic ball mill

Our experts summarizes the current domestic three fundamental problems of ball mill:

  • ⑴ Work when the noise is big, cause serious pollution to the environment.
  • ⑵ The transmission mechanism is backward, low efficiency, heavy weight, difficult installation and maintenance, so the production maintenance time is long, serious impact on the economic benefits.
  • ⑶ Drive gear life short, namely due to the transmission device is installed on floor, due to the ball mill cylinder spindle down warping destroyed at the end of the class size gears meshing correctly, even cause "killed" and "snaggletooth" accident. This will greatly accelerate the speed between the gear wear, so as to shorten the life span of the gear transmission, increases the maintenance of heavy workload and affect production.

2.Analysis and Research on the characteristics of the ball mill transmission

Causes of these problems are mainly determined by the transmission characteristics of its own. Transmission characteristics of ball mill are as follows:

  • ⑴ It is a kind of heavy machinery, due to the process operation characteristic of this kind of ball mill, in addition to outside the cylinder body is equipped with a large number of metal ball, is also a kind of continuous operation of machines.
  • ⑵ With other overloaded (1 - 2 r/min) at low speed heavy machinery is different, it is a kind of heavy machinery speed faster, it's turning velocity of 3 0 r/min.
  • ⑶ It is a large torque of heavy machinery, so the transmission power is larger, and more heavier weight, shape size is larger.
  • ⑷ The ball mill transmission system has been used for many years in the 50 s and 60 s old product, not for its load characteristics design a new type of transmission mechanism.

3. The way to solve the problem of all

  • ⑴ Use rubber lining and hard plastic ball medium;
  • ⑵ Ball mill transmission device adopts double-point flexible drive;
  • ⑶ Ball mill bearing adopts hydrostatic bearing.