Upgrade of New Type Raymond Mill

Time: 2019-03-15

Raymond mill is the first industrial mill imported from China. Because of its great repercussions in industrial milling, it is widely known as industrial mill. After decades of development, industry has made remarkable achievements in powder technology. Research on aerospace, ultrafine particles and other aspects has made a qualitative breakthrough in the industrial grinding market. The development space of the grinding machine market has been pushed to an unprecedented broad field.

With the expansion of processing materials and the continuous improvement of requirements, Raymond mill is also undergoing continuous innovation and improvement, from high-pressure mill to ladder mill, from micro-grinder to medium-speed mill, from ball mill to vertical roller mill. Up to now, the market has been chosen over and over again, and the remaining types of Raymond mills undoubtedly have their unique advantages.

In the field of industrial grinding, the launch of large-scale Raymond mill-MTW 138 and MTW 175, which has opened a new research and development direction for Raymond mill, that is, large-scale and automation. As a high-level product of Raymond mill, MTW Trapezium Mill integrates the advantages of the former Raymond mill in design, and solves the problems easily encountered in the use of Raymond mill. Advanced thin oil lubrication system, improved blade combination, bevel gear linkage power structure, together with explosion-proof structure design and arc duct design, provide this grinder with incomparable absolute advantages.