Development of Raymond Grinding Mill

Time: 2018-11-16

Raymond mill rose relatively early in our country. At first, the grinding technology of this equipment was not advanced. Later, with the continuous improvement of market requirements, the equipment made a series of improvements. Later, the grinding technology of Raymond mill developed slowly in our country, and the production technology of Raymond mill is also improving. Now, the grinding technology of our country is also improving. The equipment has various types and functions, but Raymond mill has not been eliminated. It has been used all the time. It can be said that the equipment has witnessed the development of grinding technology in China.

Although our country's grinding technology has been greatly developed and grinding equipment has gradually increased, Raymond mill is still widely used in various industries, because Raymond mill has unique advantages, so it has been widely used. Here's an analysis of the advantages of Raymond mill.

Although Raymond mill has been produced for a long time, it still has some advanced design concepts after many technological reforms. For example, the structure of the equipment is three-dimensional, which greatly reduces the area occupied by the equipment in the production process, and the equipment has a strong system, which can be used as a unique one. The vertical production system completes the processing of raw materials, which includes the transportation of raw materials, rough processing and pulverizing process. It is more systematic and saves a lot of production processes.

In addition, the equipment is mainly used to produce fine powder, the pass-through screening rate is as high as 99%, which is incomparable with other types of grinding equipment, and the equipment has a relatively high degree of automation, using centralized control of the electrical system, basically can achieve unattended operation, this advanced production mode can save a lot of manpower and labor. Funding for mobile and engineering projects has contributed to the greater efficiency of the project.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the operation of the Raymond mill is particularly stable in the production process, because the important parts of the equipment are made of high-quality profiles, which ensures the firmness of the equipment, so the operation in the production process is more reliable.