The Main Structure of Raymond Mill

Time: 2018-11-13

Raymond mill is composed of many parts, which are installed in specific parts and play different roles, so as to meet the role of Raymond grinding materials. The main parts and components of Raymond mill are roller, grinding disc, reducer, separator, hydraulic device and pressure device, limit device and so on. The function of these structures in Raymond mill is analyzed respectively.

The roller in Raymond mill is used for grinding material. It is installed on the machine wall of Raymond mill. The roller sleeve is installed on the roller. The roller sleeve and the grinding disc are not contacted. It is selected above the grinding disc. When there is material on the grinding disc, the roller rolls crush the material and break it up. The grinding roll is a forced device. Under the action of friction force of material, the rotating material is rotated to grind the material.

The grinding disc in Raymond mill is a device installed on the reducer. The grinding disc will rotate under the drive of the reducer. The reducer is connected with the motor and the grinding disc. When the motor drives the reducer to rotate, the grinding disc on the reducer will also rotate with it. The reducer plays the role of supporting the weight of grinding disc and material in Raymond mill, and also plays the role of driving the turning of grinding disc.

The separator in Raymond mill is used for separating powder. The powder material is brought to the separator under the action of wind. The material that can rotate through the rotating separator is qualified material. Otherwise, it is unqualified material. The separator plays the role of material classification in Raymond mill.

The hydraulic device and pressure device in Raymond mill are used to open and close the grinding roll. When the pressure is applied to the hydraulic device, the grinding roll opens, and vice versa, the grinding roll closes. This device is designed to make the replacement of wear-resistant parts in Raymond mill and the maintenance of internal parts more convenient.

Limiting device in Raymond grinding is used to adjust the distance between the grinding disc and the grinding roll. The distance between the grinding roll and the grinding disc determines the particle size of the material grinded by Raymond grinding. Users may doubt that the size of the discharged powder can be determined only by the separator and air flow. In fact, air flow and separator only play a role in powder selection, while the distance between the grinding roll and the grinding disc plays a decisive role.