How to evaluate the performance parameters of Raymond mill?

Time: 2018-11-09

The parameters for judging the working performance of Raymond mill include grinding efficiency, superfine grinding ability of ore, wear performance of lining plate and medium, etc.

1. Grinding efficiency: Research shows that there is a clear corresponding relationship between grinding efficiency and the specific power of Raymond grinding equipment. When grinding efficiency is good, the values of grinding parameters coincide with the areas of grinding parameters corresponding to high specific power. Therefore, specific power can be used as an effective index to evaluate grinding efficiency.

2. Ultrafine grinding ability: In the grinding process, the grinding particles are mainly subjected to the impact of medium and ore. According to the principle of cumulative ultrafine grinding of particles, when the impact energy is less than a critical value, no matter how many collisions occur, the collision will not produce grinding effect on particles. If the energy is too low or the impact collision occurs in the less ore area and can not impact the ore, the effect of ultra-fine grinding will be reduced. Good grinding parameters should ensure that most of the impact energy is within the energy range required for ultra-fine grinding of particles, and these shocks occur in areas with high probability of occurrence of ores. Therefore, the collision energy spectrum associated with ore particles is extracted to predict the grinding probability of ultrafine particles per unit time.

3. Wear of liner and medium: The wear of medium and liner during grinding mainly includes mechanical wear and chemical wear (corrosion wear). Because the influence of slurry is not considered in this study, the main wear forms of medium and liner are mechanical wear caused by impact and abrasion of particles, and the wear rate mainly depends on the energy consumed by collision. Raymond grinding equipment mainly relies on the impact and grinding effect of medium-ore particle collision to grind the ore. At the same time, there is a certain proportion of ore-ore collision, i.e. the self-grinding effect of ore. The more energy dissipated by this part of collision, the better. However, there are still medium-medium and medium-liner collisions in Raymond grinding equipment. The energy dissipated by these collisions not only can not produce grinding effect, but also can aggravate the wear of liner and medium. Therefore, reducing the energy consumed by particle-liner collision is equal to reducing the wear rate of liner.