How to control the temperature of the main bearing of Raymond Mill?

Time: 2018-11-06

When the Raymond mill is grinding, its main bearing keeps running at high speed. Because the thermal material in the cylinder and the hot gas are conducting to the main bearing continuously, and the friction heat between the journal and the shaft lining, the temperature of the main bearing of the Raymond mill keeps rising, and the heat can not be released in time, which eventually leads to thunder. The phenomenon of "fever" appears in the main bearing of the mill.

Usually, the critical temperature of bearing liner of main bearing is 70 (limit high bearing temperature). If the critical temperature is exceeded and the heat is not dissipated in time, not only the lubrication system will be damaged seriously, but also the burning of tile will be caused, which will affect the normal operation of Raymond mill.

Therefore, in daily production operations, it is necessary to cool the main bearing of the Raymond mill. The better the cooling effect, the better the working efficiency of the equipment, and the longer the service life of the equipment. Here are some simple cooling methods for you.

Use circulating cooling water system. This method requires that there must be a casting hole in the spherical tile of Raymond mill, so that water can flow through the casting hole (snake-shaped pipe) in the spherical tile to cool the main bearing of Raymond mill. The cooling water enters into the water pipe joint, and the water is discharged through the outlet pipe joint through the serpentine pipe.

Some equipments adopt the method of pouring serpentine tube into the dovetail trough of the pasteurized alloy, which makes the serpentine tube close to the surface of the pasteurized alloy, has better cooling effect, and simplifies the casting process of the bearing bush, but it is not convenient to pour pasteurized alloy.

The cooling effect is obvious when the water is directly perted into the bearing bush. The bearing bush is cooled by a serpentine pipe cooling channel cast in the spherical tile body.

When using the circulating cooling water system, it is usually used with lubricating oil. The two methods are used at the same time to add sufficient lubricating oil to the equipment to reduce friction between the journal and the lining of the equipment and indirectly to reduce the temperature of the main bearing of the Raymond mill.