Dry Sand Making and Wet Sand Making

Time: 2018-10-31

Sand making machine is popular currently. It will be used to produce the artificial sand materials to replace the natural sand. With the technology development, there are two kinds of sand making methods: dry sand making and wet sand making.

Sand Making Machine Crushing Efficiency

The sand making machine will have different working efficiency to process different materials. Such as, when it is used to break soft materials (limestone), its crushing rate is 40%; when it is used to break hard materials (basalt, diabase, serpentine), its crushing rate is 25%-305. To crush the river pebble (normal type), it will be with 30% crushing rate and when it break the soft river pebbles, its crushing rate is 30%-35%. In general situation, 60-805 materials need to be crushed again.

Dry Sand Making and Wet Sand Making

In stone production line, there will be some stone powder and mud powder involved in the artificial sand materials for the fierce collision and the stone itself soil content. The mud powder will affect the artificial assembly and the stone powder will make up the space of concrete artificial sand. For these problems, in the actual production line, there will be dry sand making and wet sand making:

In the sand production line, it will be equipped with sand washing machine. It will wash of the powder and this is called as wet sand making. It is suitable for water resources abundant area. Its advantages are that: it will produce clean sand surface and has good appearance; it is no pollution in the production line. Its disadvantages are: with amount of water and it have high operation costs; area limitation.

With powder concentrator, it will separate the sand with powder. This is called as dry sand making. It is more suitable for dry area. It has the following advantages: reduce water resources usage costs, reduce the production costs; without area limitation. Its disadvantages are: it will produce a lot of powder and it will have pollution.