Vertical Roller Mill Accessories

Time: 2018-10-12

Vertical roller mill machine have lots of accessories. All of these parts will be assembled into a good performance vertical roller mill machine. Here will introduce the detailed information of these accessories: vertical roller ill wheel hub, rocker arrangement, grinding roller, and millstone.

Vertical Roller Mill Wheel Hub

Wheel hub is a part of grinding roller and it is the important component of grinding roller device. It is fixed on the grinding roller and is equipped with roller. Wheel hub is a kind of similar type conical part. This design is for checking and easy maintenance.

Rocker Arrangement

Rocker arrangement is the main part of vertical roller mill. It is composed with upper rocker, rocker arm, shaft, bearing and the bearing seat. Here will introduce the assembling order: upper rocker arm is used to install the roller of a device and it is used to adjust the distance between the roller and the mill. Down rocker arm is connected to the hydraulic system which is used to have the lubrication work. Through the shaft and roller, the two rocker arms will be connected. These parts will be connected into a whole part. It is very convenient to maintain and remove.

Grinding Roller

Grinding roller of vertical roller mill machine is used to grinding materials and it is the main system part of grinding line. There are two grinding rollers in the vertical roller mill. They are in the two sides of grinding millstone diameters and to get the materials into powder size. Grinding roller is a whole system and there is a roll shaft in the middle of mill machine. There are many parts are installed on the shaft to form the grinding roller. When the materials are contacted with grinding roller, the friction will bring the grinding roller rotating. The grinding roller cannot rotate by itself.

Vertical Roller Mill Millstone

Millstone in the vertical roller mill is the supporting device to grinding materials. Millstone is in the down part of the grinding mill and it is under grinding roller. It is a complicated structure. It is driven by the reducer. Materials which are on the millstone will do movement under the effect of centrifugal force and then they will enter into the space between grinding millstone and grinding roller and be grinded into powder size.