Explain Key Doubt of Impact Crusher

Time: 2018-10-12

After you have a good understanding of the impact crusher machine key doubts, it will be more convenient to operate the impact crusher machine. Here will introduce three main key of doubts for you all.

Reasons Why the Impact Crusher Is Without the Flywheel:

Compared with jaw crusher machine, the impact crusher machine¡¯s drive part (main shaft, sheave) is installed on the down part and it is very useful for the machine stable function. Secondary, the impact crusher machine rotor is very heavy and it is weight than the flywheel. In this situation, the single flywheel rotation will cause less influence for the machine¡¯s stable situation. At last, the impact crusher machine does not have no-load stroke and it does not need the flywheel to store the energy.

The Difference between Rigid Connection and Hinge:

The rigid connection refers to: between the two connection parts, when one part moves or it bears power, the connected one part will not move or change relative the first part and both of them are in one unit. The rigid connection is welding and bolt connection and other mechanical connection. In general, it can be called as welding or bolt connection.

Hinge: one material A is covered on the other material B¡¯s C part. When the A moves, it will be limited by C. But A can rotate C rotates. The material A and B will form the hinge. This connection method is called as hinge.

Chain Gate:

The three cavity impact crusher machine does not have chain gate and only the European impact crusher (it has two large scale feeding ports) has the chain gate. It is because that the two cavity European impact crusher feeding port has larger size and the two impact frames are on higher position. They are almost parallel to the mouth. The chain gate will prevent the stone materials be outside.