Construction Waste Process Technology

Time: 2018-10-08

Construction waste is a kind of solid waste in the city and it mainly contains waste concrete, waste brick and tile, waste soil, metal, wood, plastic bags, waste textile and so on. With various components, construction waste need scientific design and systemic processing technology in order to achieve the reutilization of construction waste. The process technology of construction waste generally includes separation, crushing, and screening and so on. In this article, we focus on process technology of construction waste in different countries.

Nowadays, many countries have already treated the reutilization of construction waste as a very important target in the environment protection and social development. Developed countries like America, Germany, Netherlands, Japan and South Korea all started to research the treatment and recycling of construction waste very early. In these countries, the process technology of construction waste has relatively mature and improved. But in different countries, the structures of buildings, the components of raw material, the classifications, the applications of recycled aggregates are all different, so the process technologies of construction waste in different countries are also different.

In European and American countries, the structures of buildings are mainly frame and frame shear structure, so construction waste contains bricks are relatively less than China. Commercial buildings in Japan mainly have frame structure and the civil buildings mainly adopt light building materials or wood, so the reutilization rate of construction waste is very high. The construction waste process technology in South Korea is earlier than China. According to survey, there are over 300 enterprises in South Korea for construction waste processing, among which over 100 are around Seoul.

In China, for a long time, the reutilization of construction waste does not get enough attention. Many people just transport the construction waste to the suburb or even leave them in the open air without dealing, causing environment pollution. According to the fact that the Chinese construction waste does not get classified well and contain much impurities, choosing suitable process technology to process the construction waste means a lot. We suggest enterprises to consider the process technology in developed countries and research& choose suitable process technology according to the actual condition.