Operation Principle of Sand Making Machine

Time: 2018-09-30

With the continuous development of national infrastructure, sand making machine is widely used in sand and gravel industry. In order to produce high quality sand and stone efficiently and safely, it is very important to operate the sand making machine correctly. What should we pay attention to when we operate the sand making machine?

1. Check the vortex chamber to see if the door is closed before driving to prevent the material from escaping from the vortex chamber.

2. Check the direction of rotation of the impeller, as seen from the direction of the inlet. The impeller should be turned counterclockwise, otherwise the motor wiring should be adjusted.

3. The order of starting the sand making machine and the conveying equipment must be paid attention to. The correct sequence should be like this: discharging device - sand making machine - feeding machine, the sand making machine must be started at no load, after the sand making machine is running normally Feeding; the order of shutdown is exactly the opposite of the boot sequence.

4. Feeding particles must be done according to the prescribed standards, prohibit more than the prescribed material into the sand machine, otherwise it will cause impeller imbalance and excessive wear and tear impeller, and even cause blockage impeller passage and central feeding pipe, so that the sand making machine can not work properly. It was found that bulk feeding should be eliminated in time.

5. When the discharging equipment stops working, it should stop feeding in time, otherwise it will cause the impeller to be crushed and the motor to be burned down. This problem will be ignored by most of us, and we must pay attention to it again.

6. Everyone must feed uniformly, which we can generally notice, because now are mechanized feeding, mainly at the end of work, the feeding may be uneven, as far as possible to avoid this situation.

7. During the operation of sand making machine, if you hear violent vibration or abnormal noise, you should stop to check, otherwise the impeller in the machine will be damaged.