Ultrafine Grinding Mill Installation Maintenance

Time: 2018-09-29

After installation the ultrafine grinding mill and put it into application, the normal working state will be with some normal vibration and the machine will bear some weight pressure. When it is installed, the ultrafine grinding mill will have some faults and it will make the machine in unstable state. It needs to strength the machine. Here will introduce two steps of installation ultrafine grinding mill.

Control the concrete base deflection. When the ultrafine grinding mill machine is in operation, the clients need to regular measure the concrete base deflection. It is because when design the concrete base in the installation stage, there is error between flatness and parallelism. The deflection of base has some range. When the base has less deflection, it can add some gasket on the base. It can eliminate the effect of base deflection through adjusting the gasket thickness. When the base deflection is over the standard, clients need to build the new base.

Tighten the foundation bolt. It is normal to have vibration in the working process of ultrafine grinding mill working process. This vibration will make the foundation bolt in loose state. When the bolt is loose, it needs to tighten. If it is serious, it needs to stop the machine and adjust the mill again.

The above two tips are needed to pay attention in ultrafine grinding mill working process. In the sale process, the manufacture will be in charge with the concrete base building situation. It is inevitable to have the error in concrete base building process. And this error will have effects in the late machine maintenance and it also increases the workloads in ultrafine grinding mill maintenance stage.

The installation of ultrafine grinding mill will be completed by technical workers. There will be workers having visit clients to solve the problems.