Dry Magnetic Separator Supplier

Time: 2018-09-27

Dry Magnetic Separator

For dry material, around 20 mm and coarser the belt drum type of separator, dry magnetic separator, is preferred. For dry material finer than 20 mm the dust house enclosed drum separator, the dry magnetic separator, is recommended. While the capacity of the separator is very much dependant on the material to be processed, it has proven to have outstandingly high capacity thus fewer machines are required. The separators are available in several sizes and designs to suit each individual application.

The standard drive system consists of a right-angled gear box with a direct-coupled electric motor. The advantage with this system is the reduced maintenance requirement, higher efficiency, lower noise and cleaner installation. The alternative drive features a shaft-mounted gear box with V-belt drive and fully enclosed drive guard. The advantage of the alternative drive is the possibility of more easily altering the drum speed by changing V-belt sheaves and belts. The drum peripheral speed is normally set at about 1,2 m/s.

Dry Magnetic Separator Features

The unique magnetic assembly design promotes excellent selectivity between magnetic and non-magnetic material and the need for fewer machines. Since fewer machines are in service, less maintenance is required and lower capital and operating costs are achieved.

Dry magnetic separators are designed to allow normal variations in feed conditions without the need of any adjustment. parameter adjustments, sometimes required at time of commissioning, are made easy by the design of the machines.

The separators are protected against wear by rubber linings of the tanks and rubber or steel covering of the drums. Bearings are designed for extremely long duty and the lubrication can easily be automated. The availability of dry magnetic separator has proven to be excellent from many years in service.