Limestone Grinding Machine

Time: 2018-09-19

Limestone Grinding Plant

In limstone powder processing plant, grinding is integral stage. The limestone material from conventional crushing and screening operations is subject to coarse and fine grinding primarily in roller mills or ball mills to reduce the material to the necessary product size range. A classifier is used to size the ground material and return oversized material that can be pulverized using either wet or dry processes.

Roller Mill Used for Limestone

Roller mill is good choice for limestone powder processing. The mill can be used as a pregrinding mill too due to its low energy consumption. Since the specific pressure of the grinding runners is relatively low, no firm agglomerates are formed in the grinding process, and therefore it is not necessary to use disintegrators before separation.

The roller mill can also be used for grinding of all silicate materials up to 8 degree of the Mohse scale of hardness such as ceramic material, cement raw material, slag, clinker, quartz sand, lime, bentonite, scrap glass, etc. We provides high quality roller mill used for limestone processing.

Limestone Grinding Machine Operation Principle

The material is ground between a fixed main roller and three grinding runners made of high-quality wear-resistant material. The main grinding roller is driven by a main drive. The first grinding runner can be driven by a slave drive. The rotary movement of other two grinding runners is initiated by friction of the material ground between the main roller and runners. Thrust of the grinding runners to the main roller is reached by hydraulic compression.