Vertical Roller Mill In Cement Industry

Time: 2018-09-05

Cement Grinding Plant

Raw material grinding is a critical mechanical operation that determines the sizing of equipment in cement plant. This process consumes about 20% of total energy consumed in the plant.

We design and manufacture a comprehensive line of grinding mills and entire grinding systems for mining, industrial minerals industry, coal and cement, for both wet and dry grinding systems. According to the raw materials' properties, various grinding systems are used in cement industry.

Vertical Roller Mill In Cement Industry

Vertical roller mill is an important grinding mill in cement industry. Vertical roller mills have been widely accepted for combined grinding and drying of moist raw materials due to their excellent drying capacity and low energy consumption. While a number of cement plants are still using ball mills, many have installed pre-grinders like roller press to improve energy efficiency.

Here, the extent to which the roller press is loaded determines the efficiency of the grinding circuit. Use of roller press alone as a finish grinding equipment to give the final product is also a new development.

Cement Vertical Roller Mill Benefits

Conventionally, a ball mill and a classifier were used for the cement material milling process, but this involved considerable power consumption. A vertical roller mill has thus been developed and installed, enabling a reduction in power consumption and improved milling efficiency.

  • 1. High responsibility to the material blending system (because of the short material residence time in the crusher);
  • 2. Can dry the material with kiln exhaust gas while milling it;
  • 3. Small footprint and low noise.